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Comments on Craftinfo: Steve Myhre

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The craftinfo site has been very useful to me in lots of ways other than the obvious one of a return from sales.

At a time when I felt the need to have a virtual identity the craftinfo site went live. It is quite a jump from ground zero to your own web site with credit facilities etc. so joining the site meant I could enter at a level that wasn't too demanding either of my time or my skill base.

I suppose that the biggest return from the site that I can point at is the contacts that I have made with all sorts of people that I wouldn't have had access to had I not had a virtual identity. I am not inundated with strangers emailing me but I get a bit of mail from people that have seen the site and want to know more. Some of those contacts have lead to interesting things like a relationship with a guy in Canada who has sent me some very nice British Columbian Jade and I have sent him a couple of finished pieces as Koha for the stone.
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